Bullying Awareness: Reclaiming Our Schools©

Bullying Awareness: Reclaiming Our Schools ©, is a comprehensive teacher and support staff resource, a social justice awareness campaign and a series of professional development workshops, was created in response to the Ontario Ministry of Education 2005 Action Plan, and in anticipation of the February 2010 amendment to the Education Act, as a means of educating people on the reality of the often long-term and adverse effects of bullying on our students and families, schools, and the greater community.  Through the education of our teachers and staff, we aim to establish an awareness of bullying behaviour in all of its forms, while providing sound strategies for the implementation of education and intervention in schools.

By ending by-stander apathy through the development of a positive attitude through activating and building on individual and collective Conscience, Courage, Confidence, and Competence, we aim to educate our children and students with the belief that they are able to stand up for what is right and not only feel safe in their schools and communities, but feel this safety and a sense of responsibility and duty to report injustice.


By focusing on Integrity and the power of the individual and collective voice to be positive agents of change, we are hoping to empower the school community to reclaim the environment and end climates of fear, intimidation, and segregation.  We believe that through instilling a sense of Respect and Responsibility to one another, the school environment, and the community, an established sense of pride and ownership will result in the creation of a sustainable, peaceful moral climate.