About Us

Vanessa Hamilton – is an OCT in the J/I/S divisions with History, Religious Studies, English and Special Education as qualifications. Through her work with students, children and youth in academic, residential, section class, and other non-traditional settings, and also as a participant in the L.E.A.D. program while at the Faculty of Education, University of Windsor, Vanessa came to believe in the need to end violence in schools and communities, as well as the need to diminish the level of accepted violence in society.  Vanessa felt this could be achieved through a healthy, positive shift in social climate towards the development of a stronger attitude of respect and responsibility to, and for, each other, the school environment, and the greater community.  Through the fostering of the healthy development of the whole child and inclusive climates of respect and belonging, a true shift in personal and social consciousness can be achieved.  
Jeff Reati – is an OCT in the I/S divisions with qualifications in Health and Physical Education, Biology, and Special Education.  Also a participant in the L.E.A.D. program at  the Faculty of Education, University of Windsor, and a coach of football and hockey, Jeff works with at-risk and struggling learners both within, and outside of, the traditional classroom environment.  Jeff involved himself in Bullying Awareness after several years of witnessing direct and indirect bullying in sports, within the classroom, and within the community.  Because of these experiences, Jeff feels that bullying is a serious issue that needs to be addressed not only for healthy sport and activity, but also for the overall healthy development and education of all learners.  Through creating awareness of bullying and its effect on all people exposed to it, targets, families, community members or bystanders alike, we can move towards an improved, happier, safer quality of life for all, moving us closer to our maximum healthy potentials. 


Both Jeff and Vanessa have been trained and certified as Restorative Justice facilitators by RJ guru Lynn Zammit and both also hold training in Suicide Intervention and Prevention.  In addition, Vanessa has also been trained for a number of years in CPI/Non-Violent Crisis Intervention and Deescalation models from which ideas of student-centred approaches and rapport building are integrated not only into the BA:ROS program model, but also into the classroom as part of community building and peace making techniques.