Teacher and Support Staff Resource Book

This comprehensive teacher and support staff resource is full of information and strategies to identify bullying behaviours and their signs, and well as information on how, as teachers, parents, communicators and other community members, to effectively intervene.  Looking at signs of bullying based on developmental variances, bullying and exceptionalities, and even bullying based on sexual orientation and GLBTQ based bullying, this resource provides the tools necessary to work towards the eradication of bullying both in, and outside of, the classroom and school environment.
An in-depth look into the physical, emotional, psychological, and social ramifications of bullying, including depression, self-harm, and suicide and bullycide, our resource offers a variety of community building exercises, many from a Restorative Justice perspective, that are suitable for all grade levels, JK-12 and beyond. 
With a number of pull and use information sheets, lesson plans, and long-term implementation ideas such as assembly and announcement series, Bullying Awareness: Reclaiming Our Schools is an essential and timely tool for all educators, students, families, and community members alike.  Together we can make the healthy, positive movement toward safe, sustainable, vibrant and successful students and communities.

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