Community Relationships and BA:ROS

Naturally, an integral element to initiating social change and responsibility is extending the action outside of schools and into the greater community.  The simpliest way to do this is through the establishment of community partnerships and support relationships.  These partnerships can be flexible and may entail promotion of events by hanging posters, or they may be as involved as hosting awareness fundraisers or donating services and materials.  There are no limits on what can be achieved with the help of like-minded individuals.  Together we can be the agents of peace for change that we would like to be.  Empower one, empower many. 
Here are a few of the community and provincial partnerships and relationships that Bullying Awareness: Reclaiming Our Schools has established as a means of spreading the bullying awareness message:

The Ontario Ministry of Education, Toronto, ON
The Ontario Teachers Federation, Toronto, ON

The Ontario College of Teachers, Toronto, ON
Thames Valley District School Board, London, ON

Ontario Physical Health Educators Association (OPHEA)

CBC Learning, Toronto, ON
Faculty of Education, University of Windsor, Windsor, ON
Faculty of Education, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (O.I.S.E.), University of Toronto, Toronto, ON
Faculty of Education, York University, Toronto, ON

Faculty of Education, Brock University, Hamilton, ON

The Public Health Agency of Canada, Promising Practices Portal

London Police Services, London, ON

The Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition, Toronto, ON

Heathly Communities Consortium, Toronto, ON

The Ontario Association for Students At-Risk, Toronto, ON

We also have a number of pending relationships in the works:
Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association
Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation

Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario
The Middlesex-London District Health Unit, London, ON

Ontario Public Health Association
Ontario Healthy Schools Coalition
The Ontario Ministry of Health Promotion and Sport
Canadian Mental Health Association (C.M.H.A.)
Centre for Addictions and Mental Health (C.A.M.H.)
Ontario Association for Child and Youth Counsellors (O.A.C.Y.C.)
Faculty of Education, Laurentian University, Sudbury, ON
Early Childhood Education, Georgian College of Applied Arts and Technologies, Orillia, ON
The Anti-Bullying Campaign, Ireland, UK